Waterfalls and Hummingbirds in Mindo

It’s no secret that waterfalls are my favorite natural phenomenon (a phenomenon, yes; although it’s just gravity tugging at a stream, it always seems more than that). I’ve wondered how far I might go to see them, and after my visit … Continue reading

Waterfalls and Teapots: Driving through the Catlins, Day 2

Some people count birds. Others log marathon miles. I chase waterfalls, and I saw five on my second day in the Catlins. That’s a personal record. (That’s also me plagiarizing myself from Facebook, but I liked it for a lead … Continue reading

The South Shore of Iceland

Despite the fact that I grew up in the Midwest and have driven through some white-knuckle weather in my time, it’s been two years since I last grappled with winter driving conditions and I might have lost my edge, so when … Continue reading

Slovenia by the Numbers

Lakes circumnavigated on foot: 1 Lakes jumped in mid-circumnavigation: 1 National poets side-eyed for their choice of muse: 1 Fancy breed horses that rebuffed my attempts to pet them: 4 Entertaining guided tours taken: 2 Picturesque castles viewed from a distance: 5 EU-wide award-winning ice creams … Continue reading

Cathedral of Stone, Temple of Water in Sibenik

Sibenik is famous for two things: its cathedral, and the nearby waterfalls of Krka National Park. Rightfully so, because these things of beauty stand out. St. James’ Cathedral is a World Heritage site, as its construction over a period of … Continue reading