Hail Britannia: A Blanket of Bluebells

England is home to some of the oldest wild bluebell woods in the world, and the British get pretty excited about seeing “a blanket of bluebells.” After walking through the woods of Ashridge Estate earlier this May, I see what … Continue reading

Hail Britannia: Rochester

Counting down the reasons to visit Rochester in 3, 2, 1… Rochester has England’s third-oldest Norman keep, second-oldest cathedral, and largest second-hand bookshop. I recently visited and decided that this small city in Kent on the River Medway is the perfect … Continue reading

Hail Britannia: Nunhead Cemetery

When my friend visited this past weekend, her only request for sightseeing was “one of the Magnificent Seven,” and she wasn’t talking about movies. She was referring to the 19th-century cemeteries set up in what were then the suburbs of … Continue reading

Hail Britannia: Runnymede

“You have to really menace me with those swords,” I reminded my friends. “Don’t hold back.” They rolled their eyes at me, but obliged by brandishing their sticks more threateningly. The woman taking our photo looked bemused. Welcome to traveling … Continue reading

Hail Britannia: The Royal Park of Richmond

Autumn deserves notice and celebration, and that doesn’t come in the form of pumpkin spice lattes or wool leggings. It comes in the form of long walks, preferably walks that involve some scuffling through fallen leaves. The first weekend of … Continue reading

Hail Britannia: Berrington Hall

I’m visiting my grandmother in Worcestershire this weekend, so I decided it was probably time to post about my visit to her in February, when she took me to Berrington Hall for the afternoon. Created as “the perfect house in … Continue reading