Last Day at Angkor: The Lady Temple and the Long Walk to the Lake

Pre Rup Banteay Srei  This temple is called the “lady temple” because it’s shorter than the other temples, lady-sized. No one seems to be sure why it was built on such a small scale. It’s built of red sandstone, rather … Continue reading

200 Faces and A Stonework Cockfight at Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom was the first stop on my first day in the park, and it turned out to be my last stop of the day, because there’s so much to see and it’s too hot to move quickly from one … Continue reading

Angkor Wat: A Temple, A City, A Breathtaking Sight

When I say I’ve been to Angkor Wat, people sometimes reply, “where?” but when I show them this photo, they nod in recognition: Oh yeah, that place. The giant temple thing in Cambodia. In fact, Angkor Wat is the largest … Continue reading

The Majesty of Iguazu Falls: A Photo Essay

Dearest fellow travelers, I have been to many amazing places and seen many incredible things on this trip, like Uluru and Angkor and Machu Picchu, and while those all awed me, none filled me with joy the way Iguazu Falls did. … Continue reading